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Integrity Sincerity Satisfaction

Mission Statement: To offer elite and achievable resources to serve mid to small business.


Vision: To be the most outstanding consultant among the industry.


Culture Statement: East and West integrate as harmony of business management.


Core Value: Integrity, Sincerity & Satisfaction   


Acts Business Consulting Firm is focusing on small to mid businesses. We have 3 decades of experience covering the industries of Manufacturing, Wholesaler/Imports and Retails, including international experience in Germany, France, Italy, Britain, Span, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and China.


No matter the manufacturing system–whether it is LEAN production or other operational improvements, along with Accounting and ERP systems, we are here to assist the clients to achieve their goal and enhance the productivity.


Acts Business Consulting is the liaison among the stakeholders, managers and employees that will guide you step by step from training to system establishment to achieve the mutual goals. Our diverse of partners will work toward to your interests with the integrity and a humble heart.


Feel free to contact us for further discussion.

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Business: 817-496-0959

Cell: 817-565-8747

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